Marie Lu 's Legend And Andrea White 's Surviving Antarctic Reality Tv

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Through these ideas could be somewhat correct, they barely cover up government’s influence and the minimal impact of common civilians. In Marie Lu’s Legend and Andrea White’s Surviving Antarctica: Reality TV 2083, one can conclusively recognize the striking resemblance between the novel and the modern government of the People’s Republic of China. The seemingly picturesque landscapes often obscure the reality that the Chinese government often oppresses freedoms of expression, violates basic human rights, give the population little control over the government and its rulers, and controls most of the country’s education and news. As in many preset-day governments, and the governments depicted in the books, China considerably restricts its citizen’s rights to speech and the press. In Legend, the people must be careful of what they say, as it could bring them serious consequences. For example, after Day is executed according the government, talk of him living spreads extremely quickly but only in the shadows, as it was dangerous if the government overheard; the person could be locked up or even worse. Earlier, when June spread news about the Arcadia bank, she sent out scouts, one per sector, to talk about giving Day plague medicine if he comes to the ten-second place. The spreading of this news shows how easy it is for the government to purposefully spread news, not simply restricting speech but surreptitiously and indirectly forcing it taking advantage of the people 's interest

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