Marie Maldonado: A Short Story

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so I guess for starters, i'll proceed to give you my full name, which is Yliana Marie Maldonado. I have two littles that call me "mama" and a Fiance who calls me babe, and other names that I won't discuss. Cause embarassing. Anyways, I was born March 28, 1994 in Houston Tx, don't ask what county cause I have no idea. My mother raised me along with my awesome step father. My biological father passed when I was about 13 (I have a very bad memory after having my kids so you'll have to excuse me, they sucked everything I had out of me). I guess you could say I am pretty young, at the age of 22 to have 2 children but this isn't something I would call a mistake. I love my children, My first, Jonah (5 years old) was a surprise... duh! But my second,…show more content…
Now lets get deeper into who I really am, I am someone who has gone through such a huge trauma from when I lost my grandfather, ever since I saw it in person I've had some issues with anxiety; so if you ever see me really antsy or out of breath it's not because I'm dying, I just have horrible anxiety. I used to be a very very confident person, until i started dealing with anxiety, being in a class full of people freaks me the hell out, if i am being honest. I'm really not looking forward to this but I hope I gain some of my confidence back. now, something more happy and enlightening, I love to craft... love love love to craft. I can make a lot of things, and if it were up to my fiancé, he'd keep me home and let me do as I please all day, but he has an education, and I'd like one too, not just to prove anything... or scratch that. I want to prove that even with being a young mother, as long as you set your mind and find that motivation, anything is possible. My kids do not limit me, they motivate me. I wish there was more to say but I'm currently typing this while my 5 year old bathes and withmy 8 month old is sitting on my lap pressing keys
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