Marijuan A Continuing Concern Summary

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According to “ Marijuana: A Continuing Concern for Pediatricians” from the journal Pediatrics, marijuana has major effects on the human body and one’s personal life. The author feels that people need to be aware of these effects. Therefore, marijuana should not be legalized in the United States. In this article the author wants to advise people of all the effects that can take place after smoking marijuana. One of the author’s largest ideas, is that marijuana is known as a gateway drug. Therefore, the drug itself can cause addiction, and if you smoke marijuana you can likely become addicted to another type of drug. Once someone uses the drug, issues regarding school, grades, money, and a job come into play as well (Marijuana: A Continuing Concern). In addition, in the article “Marijuana: A Continuing Concern for Pediatricians” the author also discusses the effects that marijuana has on the inside of the human body. The drug takes a huge toll on the heart, lungs, and…show more content…
Marijuana is known for causing issues with the human brain, which is a product of behavioral issues. Nevertheless, being under the influence of this drug can produce poor memory and little to no attention span (Marijuana: A Continuing Concern). Research shows that all of these effects can indeed take place after using the drug. After long term use of marijuana, the human brain may not become fully developed if the user started the drug at a young age. This could result in the brain not reaching its full potential. Furthermore, it is acknowledged that someone can have complications with their short-term memory after using the drug, and these complications can last for a multitude of days. People who are under the influence of marijuana have a difficult time paying attention to what is going on around them. With the use of marijuana comes brain damage, which some could become permanent (Marijuana: Breaking Down
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