Marijuan Is Everywhere

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In today’s society you hear about marijuana all the time, from the morning news to the newspapers you read during the day. Everywhere you look there is something about marijuana, someone being arrested with it, or stories about how it should be legal. Marijuana is a big part of today world where you want it to or not, it is everywhere. In the news a person can hear about the war on drugs that was started back in the1970’s by President Nixon and although it is a war on all illegal drugs the major one is marijuana. It is the drug that people get arrested the most for and it is the biggest illegal drug seller in the United States today. What is the war on drugs, it is an increase of the size of federal drug control agencies and increase in the presence of those agencies where illegal drug activity is at a high. A person may not see this in their everyday life but if you look for it you can see it. There on more police raids on houses in neighborhoods all over the United States. Which means it cost money to pay for the equipment to care out the raid, it cost money for the people that are arrested to be sent to jail, there is cost for the removal of the drugs to a secure place to be processed and destroyed, there is also a cost for the kids that get caught up in the middle of raid to be placed into foster care. The war on drugs cost a lot of money to carry out the needs to try and get the drugs out of the neighborhoods and off the streets. This money comes mostly from the tax

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