Marijuana: A Boon or A Gateway Drug

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‘Cannabis’- a plant of wonder, commonly known for its by-products like marijuana, hashish, hemp oil, etc. is the most popular drug plant. These products often used for their psychoactive effects. This can include heightened mood or euphoria, relaxation, and an increase in appetite. Popularity of the marijuana has increased widely these days between all age groups. Smoker’s says, “There is no harm in smoking marijuana, as it is non-addictive, it relaxes your body and connects you to your soul whereas, non-smokers say, “There is no reason one should smoke it because it’s a gateway drug.” Those who have never experienced the euphoria caused by pot before can make mistake in understanding these psychoactive effects. For a fair conclusion, we…show more content…
Nevertheless, I thought there is no harm experimenting it so we blazed it. Nothing happened for few minutes I was looking towards streetlight and feeling anxious about the near future. “Bro relax; just feel comfortable the result will be amazing.” He said looking into my eyes. I could not ignore his confidence and lay down on the grass. I was staring at the stars in the clear sky. I felt like I am flying towards it. I closed my eyes and felt like my soul has come out of my body. I could see myself lying on the grass and just after a minute, I started flying towards the sky. I felt like being launched like a space rocket. Just after few minutes of journey, I could see the whole universe full of stars and galaxies in front of my eyes. Apparently, I stopped flying in the middle of the universe. With wide opened arms, I closed my eyes in my dream and felt my soul amalgamating with the stars in that universe. My personality, my appearance, my life became mere stardust of the universe. I will never forget this experience because this changed my whole perception towards my life and the world around me. Anyways, my friend waked me up, as we had to go back to the work. From my point of view, marijuana is not at all bad if limited to certain number of joints per week. However, how to set that limit and how to use marijuana rather than exploiting it is a difficult task. However, there is another big issue of its growing popularity amongst teenagers. I never tried

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