Marijuana And Other Narcotic Drugs

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Marijuana and other narcotic drugs have been a controversial topic on a national and global scale throughout the century. Marijuana especially is considered a drug that’s harmful and helpful at the same time. People have formed opinions about different drugs based upon their observations and the scientific research that has been shared with the public from different experimental organizations. We have had picketers demonstrate their support by protesting for the marijuana movement, which can be seen in today’s news by photos taken of their picketing. And we have seen an increase in our law enforcement, who has tried to enforce laws imposed against all drugs as being illegal. Whether you are for the right to smoke or consume drugs, or if you are against the use of drugs altogether, the issue of smoking marijuana has been the subject of news worthy talk for a very long time. I will discuss some pros and cons of the right to consume marijuana and getting it legalized while other drugs need to stay illegal. Some of the concerns about marijuana consumption are with its addictive properties. It has been argued that certain drugs can be addictive and could led a person start including and doing other illegal drugs that are considered even more harmful along with the first drug. An example would be marijuana and cocaine. It is no secret that marijuana is usually consumed with other drugs and those who use it keep using it as a secondary drug to heroin, cocaine, and other…
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