Marijuana Argumentative Report

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Throughout time there has always been a debate on whether or not marijuana should be legal or not. The most recent drug survey, conducted in March 2015, “finds that a slim majority (53%) of Americans say Marijuana should be made legal, compared with 44% who want it to be illegal”, and the opinions have changed drastically since 1969, when only 12% favored legalizing marijuana use. Marijuana is a plant that people use for various things, including medicinal use, recreational use, and personal use. Although most people believe marijuana is a dangerous drug and inflicts damage to society, legalizing it actually has many benefits, from marijuana having positive health effects, to not being as dangerous to other legal drugs like Alcohol and Tabaco,…show more content…
For instance, in the article, “Counterpoint: There Are No Good Reasons to Legalize Marijuana”, authors George Wright and Heather Newton they criticize the proposed legalization of marijuana by stating in my opinion irrational information about marijuana. In particular, saying, “...may ultimately lead to substantial problems such as addiction or the reduction of natural inhibitions from performing other dangerous acts.” First of all, compared to other drugs that are legal, marijuana is the least addictive substance. For instance, Leslie L. Iverson, a professor of pharmacology at the University of Cambridge in England, based on his review of the scientific literature, has said that only about 10 to 30% of regular users will develop dependency and only about 9% will have a serious addiction. Compared to other drugs like tobacco which is estimated that about 32% of users will become addicted, and alcohol which about 15% of users will become addicted, marijuana is the least percentage. Also going back to the counterpoint article the authors say “ultimately lead to…the reduction of natural inhibitions from performing other dangerous acts”. Dangerous acts may include driving under the influence of marijuana, but Yale psychiatrist Richard Sewell reviewed the academic literature on driving while intoxicated and most studies suggest that, smoking one-third of a joint or less has virtually…show more content…
Not only-but also isn’t as dangerous as most drugs that are legal in America for example legal drugs like tobacco, alcohol and even household items like glue and paint that are being taken advantage of and used as drugs. Next, by legalizing marijuana in the United States we can reduce the costs of keeping marijuana illegal by billions of dollars and use that tax money on other important things and have police officers focus on the serious offenders rather than some young adult with possession of a harmless drug (marijuana). Lastly, skeptics about the legalization of marijuana having no benefits at all but I supported my argument by saying that out of all the legal or illegal drugs, marijuana is the least addictive and harmful as proven in the fifth paragraph. Marijuana is one of the most used drugs in the United States and I believe that it will continue being one of the most used drugs until it’s made legal and it becomes regulated and
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