Marijuana: Drug or Cure? Essay

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A current hot button topic with some people and some state legislatures happens to be over the legalization of Marijuana. As of 1970 with the passing of The Controlled Substances Act the Federal Government officially classified marijuana as a schedule 1 drug with no real accepted medicinal use at the time (History of Marijuana). As the capabilities of science have progressed over time more and more scientific challenges have bombarded this decision so that more tangible research can be garnered from this plant. The earliest known mention of marijuana as a recreational drug came from the writings of the Chinese Emperor Shen Nung in 2737 B.C. (History of Marijuana). While the Chinese were aware of the psychoactive properties the plant…show more content…
Since there has been no cure for AIDS as of yet, marijuana has been found to improve the appetite of AIDS patients and aid them in keeping their lean muscle mass intact (Pros of Marijuana Legalization). These are just a few benefits that have been proven that marijuana can do some good as long as they are administered by licensed medical professionals. If marijuana is ever legalized in any form by the federal government, that can present a problem for its potential to be abused. Studies show the adolescents from 12-17 are more likely to use cocaine, and that marijuana as a “gateway” drug is the most common route taken to even more dangerous recreational drugs (Cons of Marijuana Legalization). If marijuana is legalized that leads to the question “Will the benefits outweigh the risk?” Further studies have also determined that marijuana use in pregnant women have shown undesirable effects on their children (Cons of Marijuana Legalization). In a learning environment it has shown that these children exposed to marijuana are more likely to exhibit poor memory functions, lack of decision making skills, and a poor attentive cycle (Cons of Marijuana Legalization). A popular use of marijuana beyond simple recreational use is that users consider the drug a “mind opener” and that it aids in thinking creatively (Effects of Marijuana). The plant is said to open new doors of creativity for people who are
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