Marijuana During the 70s

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Marijuana during the 70’s was viewed much differently then it is today. Twenty-Seven states approve for new medical studies, and consequential turn out of those convicted of using the most commonly used drug in the world, is making the United States change their opinion on the subject. The most debatable question going on right now in this question about Marijuana is: Whether or Marijuana should be legalized based on how it effects people’s health, its resourcefulness to medicine, and the contribution to the country?
This debate on Marijuana is so important because of its immense usage around the world as the number one drug. Millions of people use it regularly around the world and because of its illegality here in the United States tens
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The FDA has a specific process to see how the joint medical and scientific communities determine whether drugs can be considered safe and effective as medicine, and Marijuana hasn’t been approved as of yet. The U.S government also insists that the ones who support the legalization of Marijuana, as the medical marijuana “angle” is just a side story to get the whole drug legalized for recreation use. The countries, such as Amsterdam, in which Marijuana is legal, have no produced evidence that Marijuana acts as a medicine.
The opponents of Marijuana point out that if the FDA hasn’t approved of the drug, then it must be to dangerous to use. They believe that Marinol, a synthetic form of THC, can be used instead of the whole Cannabis plant, and Marijuana to not be obsolete. Their evidence shows the smoking five joints of Marijuana a week is equivalent to smoking a full pack ciggarrettes a day for the whole week, in which both points out the cancer causing agents that marijuana posses is potentially high. Also one of the most famous points used as a defense against Marijuana by prohibitionists is that Marijuana is a gateway drug to worse drugs, and that the amount of THC contained in Marijuana today is 25%, compared to 3% in the 1960s. It has been scienfitcally identified that THC is stored in body fat, so many believe that regular smokers have stored enough in
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