Marijuana: Good or Bad?

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Marijuana: Good or Bad? There has been a major debate on if marijuana should be made legal. Statistics show that about 443, 000 people die every year due to a tobacco related illness and there has been no evidence to support that there have been fatalities that are marijuana related. Tobacco is harmful to the lungs and can cause lung cancer, bronchitis, and emphysema. Jacques and van Luling (2013) explained that in 2010, 38, 329 people died from drug overdoses. Sixty percent of those were related to prescription drugs. In that same year, 25, 692 people died from alcohol-related causes. Cannabis is used by twenty five million annually, and is currently the largest cash crop. An addition to that, marijuana has been proven to help…show more content…
Some do not realize that if marijuana is legalized, it can be taxed, which could produce considerable revenue. The government says that they cannot tax it, but they are steadily hiring people to grow it for medical purposes. Washington and Colorado legalized cannabis for recreational use this past October. They have estimated tax revenues of over $550 Million from this legalization. Eighteen states and the District of Columbia currently have a form of medical marijuana policy. A pro to legalizing marijuana is keeping it out of the hands of kids/teenagers. If the cannabis is made legal, it could be sold and store and when purchased, ID must be shown—this would cut down on underage smoking. Twenty-six states have pending marijuana legislation, both medical and legal. 8 of these states have a legitimate chance to legalize recreational use. Another reason marijuana should be legalized is because some religions use it. Why should the government stop their practices or rituals? It is known that four presidents of the United States, including President Obama have smoked marijuana. Some other big names that are known to have smoked before are Justin Timberlake, Cameron Diaz, Bob Marley, only to name a few. In conclusion, marijuana is not harmful and is not lethal. It is known to cure some illnesses and also prevent some. Alcohol and tobacco are more harmful than marijuana because they are known to cause harm to the body
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