Marijuana In Nursing Research Essay

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Nursing Implications to Prevent Marijuana Use Among Adolescents According to a 2012 Canadian census, 22% of Canadians 15 to 17 years of age have tried marijuana in the past year, and 94% of this age group have used it more than once (Statistics Canada, 2012). These statistics confirm the reality that marijuana use is prevalent among adolescents, making paediatric nurse interactions with adolescents who smoke marijuana frequent. According to Hockenberry (2015), the major goal of paediatric nursing is to improve the quality of health for children and their families. By incorporating Bevis's nursing tools in order to prevent marijuana use, nurses can achieve this goal. Therefore, it is crucial for nurses to understand Bevis's nursing tools of…show more content…
Adolescents who inject marijuana via inhalation are more likely to report symptoms of chronic bronchitis, and have increased rates of respiratory infections and pneumonia (Tarter et al., 2014). It has also been associated with increased risk of myocardial infarction, stroke, and transient ischemic attacks during marijuana intoxication (Tarter et al., 2014). There have been numerous studies to suggest that marijuana increases your chances of developing lung cancer, but many of these studies have been disapproved because it had included people who smoke marijuana along with tobacco products. Regardless, there have been numerous, reliable studies that suggest that the inhalation of marijuana is associated with inflammation of the large airways, increased airway resistance, and lung hyperinflation (Tarter et al., 2014). It is important for nurses to know the harmful effects of marijuana in order to understand why it is important to prevent marijuana use among the adolescent population. It is also important to know the appropriate nursing tools that can be used in order to achieve this goal. The following will discuss the use of three of Bevis's nursing tools, which are advocacy, teaching, and leadership/planned change, in order to prevent marijuana use among the adolescent
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