Marijuana Is A Highly Misunderstood Substance

917 Words4 Pages Marijuana is a highly misunderstood substance, for which people have developed an array of diverse opinions and predilections. The drug remains to be illegal in the majority of America and has received a lot of controversy lately for its growing possibility of nationwide legality. Unlike many of the analysts for this matter, we have decided to provide an unbiased list of simple facts you should know about marijuana. No matter your current position, these facts on the issue should be acknowledged in order to form your own opinions about the misunderstood drug. Number Five: You Can 't Smoke the Entire Plant. Marijuana is the name referring to the dried leaves of stems of the hemp plant. It also goes by the name cannabis, or nickname “Mary Jane” or “weed” (among various others). When the plant is eaten or its burning fumes are inhaled, its non-narcotic chemical compound known as THC increases production of serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine in the brain. It also produces other sensual effects, ranging from sedation to stimulation and decreased sensitivity. Number Four: In the Beginning, it was a Legal Requirement to Grow It. As England began to colonize America, a law was sanctioned that each colony must grow a specified, mandatory amount of cannabis plants to meet crop requirements for hemp trade. In fact, George Washington and Thomas Jefferson each maintained their own hemp farms, from which the Declaration of Independence was drafted on paper
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