Marijuana Is A Himalayan Plant

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Marijuana is a Himalayan plant that is used for thousands of years in the East for the manufacture of rope and fabrics or as medication. It can be smoked as raw or mixed with tobacco. It can be rolled into cigarettes, smoked in the pipe or even cooked (muffins, cakes). It acts on the sensations and perceptions of reality. Its use has a dual purpose: it is used for its euphoric nature and loss of inhibitions, consciousness increased self-esteem, wellbeing and it is also indicated or prescribed for the treatment of certain diseases: such as migraines, glaucoma, relief of nausea and pain related to cancer chemotherapy, seizures Arthritis and rheumatism. It allows stimulating the appetite, especially for people with AIDS. It does not treat, but can alleviate the side effects of the disease or treatment. Marijuana relaxes and can spark creativity. It activates neurotransmitters of pleasure and a sensation of calm. This being said, issues arise and draw my attention and shape my point of view on the use of medical marijuana. I 'll use four different articles to talk and to detail my views on different angles and many aspects that make debate today. The questions on Medical Marijuana are: Is Medical Marijuana A panacea or scourge? - What are the Effects of State laws on adolescent about the Medical Marijuana use? - What are The Effect of Medical Marijuana Laws on extralegal? - State Laws versus Federal Laws and How They affect property managers? As detrimental effect, it reduces
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