Essay on Marijuana Is Beneficial

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To toke or not to toke that is the question. Whether tis nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of society or succumb to popular opinion and legalize Marijuana. Marijuana is a cure for anorexia as well as glaucoma.
Marijuana is even a helping factor for relieving some symptoms of A.I.D.S.
Still the government of our nation has Marijuana classified as a Division I drug.
Which means it serves no medical use and does in no way benefit society. The studies outdated and scientifically proven to be incorrect still remain beliefs of our government.
Supporters of the legalization of Marijuana have many scientifically proven facts that point to the fact Marijuana should be legalized. Marijuana legalization would prove to be
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Marijuana if legalized would create an infinite number of jobs. These jobs would drastically improve the unemployment rate that is rampaging America now.
The economy will also benefit from the legalization of Marijuana. If the government sets taxes high they can insure themselves a large profit from the sales of marijuana. This would make marijuana a cash crop. A cash crop used for exportation as well as internal use. The prices could be as severe as the cigarettes' prices now are. This would cause a great boost in the economy.

The legalization of Marijuana would also help save the environment.
People could stop cutting down trees in search of paper and rope because hemp, the stem or trunk of a marijuana plant is the best maker of paper in the world.
Not to mention the fact that Hemp rope is close to the strongest natural rope in the entire world. This would enable paper and rope companies to invest money into the growth of marijuana for industrial use.
The last facet of this debate on legalizing Marijuana comes when one looks at the widespread use of Marijuana in our society. Marijuana is one of the most widely used illegal substances in the world. In a recent survey performed in a suburban high school over 80% of the graduating class admitted to smoking pot. While over 80% may be a remarkable high
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