Marijuana Is Not A Poor Candidate For Medicine

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Cannabinoid medicines have had a wavering reputation mainly due to its relation to the cannabis plant or marijuana, a common slang term. Marijuana is commonly used as an illicit drug in the United States. Many proponents suggest that marijuana is innocuous and may even be a beneficial medical substance. However, even after its legalization in some states, some medical practitioners and lawmakers continue to advocate against its use. Three viewpoints take on the challenge of debating this issue. Of those viewpoints is one made by Bill McCarberg who declares that cannabinoids have been proven to work, but the effects rely on the delivery route or intake of the medication. Similarly, David Bearman urges that marijuana has proved that it effectively treats several noted medical conditions, and has improved the life quality of those who are diagnosed with illnesses and diseases. In the third viewpoint, the article “Marijuana’s Dangers Makes It a Poor Candidate for Medicine” it is perceived, through various side effects, that it is a choice that may jeopardize the lives of patients. Marijuana is a form of terminology used to identify the dried leaves, flowers, or stems of the Cannabis plant. It is known that the herb unique herb contains an estimated amount of 400 chemicals. Approximately 80 of the chemicals are known as cannabinoids, which is believed to be medically beneficial when treating some illnesses. The most valuable active chemical is known as

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