Marijuana Is The Most Potent Type Of Marijuana On The Illicit Market

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. How is sinsemilla grown, and why is its potency so much higher than that of commercial grade marijuana? Sinsemilla is considered the most potent type of marijuana on the illicit market (Lyman, 2014). Because of this reason, it is no surprise that it also brings the most revenue for drug traffickers. It is produced from unfertilized female cannabis plants in a growing area where the male cannabis plants are removed before pollination (Lyman, 2014)). As a result of marijuana being produced this way, I allows more flowers and resin. This is done as an attempt to attract male pollen. The reason this is done is because it is the resin and flowers that actually contain the most amounts of THC. The more THC that is contained, the more potent the marijuana is, thus making sinsemilla the most potent type of marijuana (Lyman, 2014). In the United States, Cannabis Indicia is grown. It is a high-grade strain of sinsemilla. This particular cannabis originated and was later imported to the United States from Afghanistan. It is also popular because it grows into a short, squatty plant that produces 1-2 pounds of buds per plant (Lyman, 2014). These buds contain high levels of THC and generally take 4-5 months to mature. Sinsemilla is more difficult to grow. This is because it requires more personal attention and takes longer time to cultivate. It is usually produced in doors so the growers can harvest all year. Growers use techniques such as cloning and hydroponics. Cloning involves…
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