Marijuana Law Essay

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A few states, including Maine, have passed laws making the possession and use of recreational marijuana legal. Although marijuana is legal in Maine the use of marijuana is still federally illegal. There already seems like there could be trouble, right? Well this is only one of many problems resulting from the “Yes” vote for the marijuana referendum. Police are severely impacted when something is legal according to state law, but illegal according to federal laws.
Law enforcement is affected by having to enforce the laws. This is a police officer’s job, but when there is a vote to change the marijuana law, citizens will feel it is acceptable to use marijuana. Law enforcement following their oath of honor must enforce the laws, but by doing
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While going on multiple rides alongside police and my extensive classes in criminal justice I witness the effect citizens have that care for their community. I have seen people approach police cars offering information because they want to have a safe community. Just listening to the words people say to help keep the safety in the community is inspiring. This could all be changed if everyone feels like they can’t trust the police anymore. Although marijuana is considered legal, there are still guidelines that must be followed to make it “acceptable”. A few of the guidelines include, you must be at least 21 years old, to possess up to 2.5 ounces, it is also unacceptable for you to use marijuana in public places. (EICHACKER) Another guideline includes not being able to buy marijuana, you must grow it. These guidelines are part of the law that officers need to enforce. These rules are set in place because marijuana is a gateway drug and could change your life. The “National Survey of Drug Use and Health statistics shows people addicted to marijuana are three times more likely to be addicted to heroin.” (GRAHAM) Most people don’t realize the danger of marijuana, but it is a reality that could affect loved ones who struggle with addiction. Having these guidelines makes the job of an officer two times harder because there is a hard time proving marijuana was just used. Why go through all this
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