Marijuana Legalization

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Legalization of Marijuana Marijuana is the most common drug in America and all over the world. It is legalized in some countries, but most countries prohibit its use. It has proven medical abilities and was used for this purpose for a while before being federally criminalized. The United States has been debating on the legalization of marijuana with some states supporting the move and others against it. ("10 Facts About Marijuana") Despite all these debates, the legalization of marijuana is the better option of the two. Legalizing marijuana will result in medical, economic and social benefits all over America. Americans are championing for the inclusion of marijuana among other social drugs such as alcohol and tobacco. The public has…show more content…
91). It is the duty of the government to take care of its citizens and ensure their well-being. Several countries have legalized marijuana. This would not be possible if the repercussions were detrimental. Marijuana has been known to have medical benefits since long ago. It is tested and proven to be efficient in the treatment of various ailments. It has therapeutic effects and has been used since 1965 as a medicine (Syrakic et al. 92). The medicinal component of marijuana is known as cannabinoids and it was initially extracted and purified in 1965 (Syrakic et al. 92). Since then, more than four hundred chemicals have been extracted from marijuana (Syrakic et al. 92). This justifies the medical significance of the drug. It is used expansively to treat various ailments. Dronabinol, for example, is an extract from marijuana and a certified antiemetic for cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy (Syrakic et al. 92). It also stimulates the appetite in patients suffering from AIDS (Syrakic et al. 92). AIDS and cancer are terminal illnesses that lead to several deaths all over the world. In forming part of the medicine that can be used in mitigating the effects of these diseases, marijuana shows its contribution to the medical industry. Another extract that has proved useful in the medical field is sativex. Sativex contains 9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol both of which have significant contributions in the
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