Marijuana Legalization Essay

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Marijuana Legalization Many people have been debating for years on whether Colorado should or should not legalize the use of Marijuana for the people of the state of Colorado. With the world evolving and viewing things different, I agree with the use of Marijuana being legalized. Marijuana also known as “weed, pot, or grass” is a green mix of dried, shredded leaves, stems, and seeds from a plant called Hemp. The active ingredients of Marijuana are THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (Cannabidiol). The effects from the use of Marijuana would be increase of appetite, increase of heart rate, lowered blood pressure, sensation of heat or cold, and relaxation of the muscles. The passing of Ballot 64 will allow anybody over the age of…show more content…
Also by the state regulating marijuana it will help stop the drug cartels from running the streets with their selling of marijuana. The next thing a person can say to oppose the use of Marijuana would be the medical issues of it. For example, they can say it creates lung damage to the smoker and secondhand smoker, mental effects on the brain/IQ, and a gateway drug. With the state regulating the amount of marijuana a person can buy will help with the concern of lung damage for the people. Over the years of use and studies of medical marijuana people have managed to find out that that use of marijuana has medical benefits. The use of marijuana can also help out with many medical issues such as pain relief for chronic health, increase appetite for eating disorders, decreasing of nausea, and a muscle relaxant. Also study from the University of Missouri states that, “use of marijuana is simply not a physical addiction; it’s just a mental addiction like craving a potato chip or chocolate”. The next question is the Economic situation. How will the legalization of marijuana economically help the state of Colorado? With the law not passed many drug related arrest have been made over the years, which could be between
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