Marijuana Legalization Why is it the Best Choice for America?

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Marijuana, the most abused drug in America, has had a lot of publicity recently. Marijuana has caused multiple economic problems within the U.S. A controversial question has arisen from the increased popularity and troubles of this drug. The question is whether or not the U.S. government should legalize marijuana possession and sale in the country. Many Americans believe that the drug should be legalized for various reasons; others, however, are against the legalization of the dangerous drug. While legalization has both pros and cons, the positives of legalizing marijuana for those people over the age of twenty-one far outweigh the negative aspects of legalization. Marijuana is an emergent problem in the United States; the main reasons…show more content…
The United States government, in order to solve the marijuana problem, needs to completely legalize the drug and place similar regulations on marijuana as it does alcohol. It should not only be decriminalized; decriminalization would only legalize the possession of marijuana. If the government chose to decriminalize the substance, it would still waste millions of dollars in prosecuting all other marijuana related crimes. Decriminalization would also fail to make the sale of marijuana legal in the country, thus losing a product with the ability to provide the country with a substantial source of revenue. Marijuana should be legal for sale to all individuals over the age of twenty-one. The reason for the age restriction of twenty-one is due to the similar effects of alcohol and marijuana. Both of these substances are mild intoxicants (Ford). The government must also place the same sales tax on marijuana as it places on tobacco and alcohol; without this special tax, the government’s profit on the taxation of marijuana would be noticeably less. There are several benefits which would come to the government through the legalization of marijuana. These benefits range from economic profit to

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