Marijuana Oil Treatment For Children

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Cannabis Oil Treatment for Children

I 've seen lots of seizures. Too many to count. Too many to want to count. There are days that i remain unfazed by this thing that has become normal in life to seeing a little girl that does not have a clue that 's going on to working in a nursing home. There are the big seizures and the little ones all scary. Then there is the ones that sneak up on you and remind you just how much you hate severe Dandy- Walker Syndrome and Hydrocephalus, and Seizure Disorder. The ones that remind you that you don 't think you can bare to see one more. The ones that take your breath away and cry for help when your watching a little girl go in a seizure, praying that it will stop, that the ambulance will get there in time, to see her smile again after she had brain sugery, and that she will get to come home again because she is only 8 years old.
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Steep Hill Laboratories has started a Cannabis Genome Research Program. The goal of the research program is to gain a better understanding of all aspects of Cannabis genetics, and provide the Cannabis industry, from growers and breeders to dispensaries and end users, a suite of identification and diagnostic tools that will help identify important genetic markers that can be used in the breeding of unique strains or the choice of the correct strain for use in treating medical conditions. Read this Article!…
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