Marijuana Essay

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Marijuana is one of the oldest, most versatile, most historically significant plants in the history of man. Commonly referred to as hemp, it was the fiber used to create the sails of the conquistadors until steam power ruled the ocean blue. Hemp was universally known and clothed a lot the known world, even before cotton and wool. Its versatility was a virtue and was envied as one of the most valuable plants for any farmer, on any continent. Legislators in many different states across America passed laws promoting its production. In colonial times, the military wanted to make sure it had enough hemp rope for times of war and as a source of revenue for the colonies. In 1767, the Georgia government passed a law which distributed seeds…show more content…
Most of America’s knowledge about the drug is based off of scare tactics, propaganda, and yellow journalism from an era that is long since gone. Its reputation has been smashed to pieces to promote politicians, and a politician would commit career suicide if they were to promote its legalization. One of the most vicious politicians that targeted marijuana was Harry Anslinger. In 1930, Anslinger headed the Federal Bureau of Narcotics. As the leader of this government run organization, his department was originally conceived to support the governments stance on alcohol prohibition. Alcohol, deemed to have narcotic like effects, was legal, but wasn’t demonized for its effects on the mind. In 1933, the 21st amendment, which forbade the use and production of alcohol, was repealed, and Anslinger needed to focus his Bureau in another direction (Guither). So, the government turned their head to the south. The Mexican immigrants snatched up all the jobs in the west people hesitated to do, but that did not come without a few set backs. Because of the lack of jobs during the depression and Mexicans holding many of these positions, whites were intimidated and racist ideas came to fruition. When the Hispanics came across the border, they brought with them a different type of hemp, a hemp with a weaker stalk, but produced wore flowers and resin. Grown traditionally in America, the THC content (THC is the substance secreted by the plants to
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