Marijuana Prohibition : Why The United States Should Prohibited The Use Of Marijuana

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Cannabis Prohibition: Why the United States should prohibit the use of Cannabis. In this paper I discuss why Cannabis should not be liberated in the United States. My focus and concerns are to the harm Cannabis is bringing to society now a days. In the United States more people are being influenced and being in favor of this famous “Drug Addiction” causing by illusions as ignorance is taking over and affecting a nation that is role models to many other nations. Awareness of after effects of drugs are being hidden and taken for granted as people keep on living this irresponsible life not thinking of the future. In this paper, I will consider some information based on my side of the argument. My point is that prohibiting the use of cannabis will make the percentage of addiction decrease. Just like every drug, Cannabis is proven to be addictive. These withdrawal effects appear similar in type and degree to those observed in studies of nicotine withdrawals. Craving for marijuana, decreases appetite, sleep difficulty and weight loss changing across the smoking and abstinence phases. Aggression, anger, irritability, restlessness, and strange dreams increases significantly during one abstinence. (Budney, Alan, PhD, Professor, University of Arkansas Center for Addiction Research, October, 2001). According to the opposition of some users, as many as 10 percent, cannabis leads to psychological dependence, but there is little evidence that it carries a risk of true addiction. Unlike

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