Marijuana Should Be Banned Marijuana

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Throughout the history of agriculture, the marijuana plant, also known as cannabis or hemp has been extensively used as a source of medicine, fiber, and intoxicant. In the ancient folklore and writings of China and India, the earliest known descriptions of cannabis are evident. According to historians, marijuana was mostly used a ritual intoxicant and later on, it found significance in folk medicine. The practice of smoking of marijuana has only appeared recently. There has been a lot of literature on the medicinal properties of marijuana which physicians in ancient China and India discovered in their practice. However, it was only in 1860 that physicians in America reported the success of marijuana in treating pain, gonorrhea, chronic cough, and several other conditions. This report triggered demand for marijuana-based medications and various pharmaceutical companies embarked on the production of reliable and potent drugs from cannabis plant (Marijuana As Medicine?: The Science Beyond the Controversy, 2000).
The widespread use of marijuana continued to the 1960s and the U.S government had to take measures to prevent abuse. This was the main purpose of the 1970 Controlled Substances Act. This Act classified drugs with the likelihood of being abused into three criteria: the possibility of the drug being abused, usefulness as a medicine, and the psychological and physical consequences of its abuse. Marijuana fell under Schedule I which is the most restrictive. However, this…

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