Marijuana Should Be Legal For Medicinal Purposes

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Marijuana Should Be Legal for Medicinal Purposes You may be surprised, but there are many benefits to medical marijuana. Marijuana should only be legal for medicinal conditions because of the benefits to treat diseases and symptoms. The medical conditions would be inflammation, brain injury, etc... Marijuana should be legalized as it’s been recommended by the doctor for the dosage because it is good for other medical conditions such as chronic pain, brain injury, inflammation, and other symptoms. Marijuana contains natural chemicals that can treat a certain amount of symptoms. Based on the ways that Medical Marijuana works, and how it is useful for some circumstances, Marijuana should be legal for medicinal purposes. To start with the following reasons, would be that Marijuana contains chemicals that can treat a range of illness. There are over 400 natural compounds and eighty are found in Cannabis plants which can relieve symptoms. These eighty special compounds are called “Cannabinoids ("United Patients Group", 2016). Also the law established standards that Marijuana regulates practice mechanism to claim compensation in case of an injury (Picard, 2012). Without a doubt, Marijuana is secreted by Cannabis flowers that can relieve an array of symptoms such as pain, nausea, inflammation, and many more (Rahn, 2014). There are five major cannabinoids in Medical Marijuana that are particularly effective for relieving symptoms of illnesses, and each one produces different
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