Marijuana Should Not Be Considered as a Lethal Drug

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Marijuana Should Not be Considered As a Lethal Drug In out society drugs are considered to be addictive and lethal. People tend to abuse drugs regardless of their side effects. In many cases government agencies regulate their use. Also there are drugs that are illegal to use, produce and sale. One of those illegal drugs is marijuana. For thousands of years, marijuana has been used to treat a wide variety of sickness. It became illegal in 1937 under The Marijuana Stamp Tax Act. This act prohibits the use, sale and growing of marijuana. It was made illegal because no one understood why smoking marijuana made people feel the way they did and because appropriate researches had not been conducted about it. Though marijuana remains illegal…show more content…
Alcohol is also a popular drug among young people especially college students. Alcohol is the reason why have a high number of college dropouts. Tobacco is responsible for many deaths ever year from cancers, lung, heart and other vascular diseases, Tobacco is proved to be addictive and many people agree that it is one of the hardest drugs for addicts to quit using. Why would the United States government let such a bad drug on the market and refuse to use marijuana for medical purposes? Because the tobacco lobby group is a powerful, well-financed and aggressive group that has successfully fought efforts to regulate, tax or otherwise control it. Also tobacco companies continually floods the media and public with misinformation suggesting that tobacco smoking is really good for you because it relaxes the body, or there is no connection between cigarette smoking and addiction, which are lies. Many lawsuits came in state and federal courts against the tobacco companies for not reveling the truth about nicotine and other dangerous additive that are found in cigarettes and many have been awarded a large amount of money. This proves that cigarettes are very dangerous and need to ban from selling it in the supermarkets. Drugs and alcohol are in fact dangerous and should not be compared with marijuana. People have been led to believe that marijuana is very lethal and dangerous drug to use because it is illegal. In addition marijuana
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