Marijuana Should Not Go Without Suspicion

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An indian hemp plant, by the name of marijuana, is the unlikely suspect of thousands of drug induced accidents and/or deaths in Australia today, especially among teens. At first thought, many may believe alcohol is the outright cause of such accidents, but at a closer look at the facts and figures one will discover that marijuana should not go without suspicion. The vast amounts of chemicals of which marijuana contains each have their own impacts unto the human body, not to mention the increasing use of the drug among teens. It is here then obvious that marijuana should be the headline of this ad campaign, in comparison to alcohol - a much less substantial drug. Romanticized by the teenage public, marijuana is seen as a harmless drug of…show more content…
In an attempt to “get the most out of it”, marijuana users have a tendency to inhale deeply and hold the smoke for as long as possible to increase the effects of the drug, which then on worsens the damage to the lungs. Another organ marijuana effectively destroys is the immune system of which alcohol has not yet been seen to damage. Marijuana also contains some cancer-causing ingredients that remain for incredibly long in the body after the drug has been taken. Studies in 2008 have shown a link between years of heavy marijuana use and brain abnormalities - a large suspect of the long patterns of psychosis in the users of the drug. Some other effects of marijuana use include: deformation of the sperm cells, disrupted menstrual cycles, diminished mental functions, hereditary defects and, most prominently, major depression and/or anxiety. Marijuana’s unpleasant effects take away any user’s quality of life, let alone a small teen, and continues to have substantially larger impacts unto these children - especially in comparison to alcohol. Even just one “hit” of marijuana can lead to your children’s lives spiralling out of control - a whorl wind complex that is increasingly difficult to escape from. Packed with addictive ingredients, marijuana is targeted towards the teens of today. Peer pressure makes drugs such as marijuana an inevitable
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