Marijuana Should be Legal Essay

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There are many people in this world that feel that marijuana is an evil and sinful drug. They argue several points against marijuana that would support their position. Most of these have no relevance to what in general, and they can be easily disputed. Others have some basis, and they can be considered valid arguments. However, the facts remain that the positive aspects of marijuana far outweigh the negative aspects.      One such argument, and the major point of view for most anti-drug supporters, is that marijuana is a gateway drug. This means that marijuana leads to other more harmful narcotics. Although this is the case in some situations, there are many people in the world that view all other drugs as…show more content…
This drug affects the autonomic nervous system which in turn causes the heart to swell through capillary enhancement. This provides the heart with more oxygenated blood causing it to have greater expansions and contractions which cause increased blood flow throughout the body. This increased blood flow increases respiratory function, relaxes muscles and increases the flow of oxygenated blood to the brain, thus improving the overall health of the body. In addition to this, marijuana does not have to be smoked in order to receive THC. By not smoking marijuana, one can receive the same overall positive effects without taking in the harmful chemicals.      Many people also tend to think that those who use marijuana can not be productive members of society. They see the movies and think that everyone who uses marijuana is either a gangster of some kind or a useless hippie that sits around their house all day, and the only thing they do is smoke marijuana. This is also not true. Many people work 40 hours a week and still use marijuana. Mark Braunstein, a librarian at Connecticut College, suffered a back injury 14 years ago. He uses marijuana two to three days per week due to back spasms, and he has been quoted as saying, "And I think I'm a good example of a productive member of the community. I have a full-time job, so the marijuana does not interfere with my functioning as a productive member of the community."

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