Marijuana Stops Child 's Severe Seizures And New Mothers And Old Asian Customs

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There are many different methods of healing. Methods vary from osteopathy, the most common form of medicine, and less conventional forms such as folk healing, faith healing, chiropractors, aromatherapy, Ayurveda and etc. (Cockerham p. 312). Two articles “Marijuana Stops Child’s Severe Seizures” and “New Mothers and Old Asian Customs” demonstrate different forms of healing methods and the steps it takes to become healthy again. The article “Marijuana Stops Child’s Severe Seizures” by Saundra Young reveals an unusual solution to a child’s illness. Starting from a young age, Charlotte Figi started getting frequent seizures. The seizures lasted from two to four hours and often required Charlotte to be hospitalized. After doing several tests, the doctors were not able to find the exact cause for Charlotte’s seizures. They eventually diagnosed Charlotte with Dravet Syndrome. Following the diagnosis, the doctors decided to start treatment which proved to be unsuccessful. The next step they took was to implement a ketogenic diet which worked for two years with some side effects. Finally, Charlotte’s parents decided to try using medical marijuana that has low THC levels. The medical marijuana used proved to be successful in reducing Charlotte’s seizures drastically. When I first read this article, I found it very informative because I did not know what Dravet Syndrome was. I learned that kids as young as three months old can get seizures. I felt relieved that the parents did

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