Essay about Marijuana: The Safest Healing Medicine Known

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Marijuana: The Safest Healing Medicine Known

There are many medications manufactured today for just about every illness there is. Are these medication really worth taking, or do they actually cause more harm than good? One might argue that pharmaceuticals are safe because the FDA approves them but most of them actually cause more bad side effects than the illness that they are intended to treat. What if there was a treatment for hundreds of ailments with just one medication, and had very few bad side effects? There is, and its name is Cannabis otherwise known as Marijuana. Marijuana is probably the safest medication known to man. Marijuana is an all-natural substance that has been around for centuries dating back to biblical
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Patients self-administer the cannabis extract to treat their cancer. Patients with skin cancer apply the extract topically and patients with internal cancers take the cannabis internally to reduce or even eliminate their tumors ("Business Wire"). This is a great step towards alternative healing of cancer, without all the harmful side effects of chemotherapy and radiation. Over the years, there have been 10,008 prescription drug deaths, as of February 16, 2001. These deaths are the recorded deaths from drugs being used that were prescribed by a doctor. Not from overdose and from being abused, these people died from normal therapeutic use of the medications they were taking. There have been zero deaths associated with using marijuana in any form. You would have to smoke 1,500 pounds of marijuana in 14 minutes to overdose and die. Human beings are not physically capable of doing this (Marczyk). Sleep is essential for your body to heal itself. Sleeping helps your body produce the hormones it needs to regulate your immune system, repair tissue damage, and produce melatonin. Melatonin inhibits tumors from growing, prevents viral infections, and stimulates your immune system. Marijuana has been used safely and effectively for thousands of years to promote sleep. Using marijuana to sleep reduces some of the problems that arise from insomnia, such as pain, stress, depression, and anxiety. All of which lead to a restless night’s sleep and
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