Marijuana and Illness

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Marijuana and Illness One of the major challenges with patient management and care is the alleviation and or reduction of pain. Pain and discomfort accompanies most medical procedures and consequently strenuous efforts are made by medical doctors provide pain relief to their patients. The tools available to doctors are very limited and most have undesirable side effects. Some of the more potent pain relievers have the potential to become addictive. Consequently, there is a need for a pain relief option that relieves pain but it is not addictive. Marijuana provides doctors with a powerful pain relief option with limited negative side effects. The potency of marijuana as a pain reliever makes it a valuable alternative to more potent and addictive pain relievers. The debate surrounding the use of marijuana for medical purposes often descends into the arena of emotion. It is therefore critical to firstly examine some characteristics of marijuana. This ensures that some of the myths surrounding the use of the herb are dispelled. Subsequently consideration will be given to comparing its pain relief benefits to that of some of the more potent drugs in use in hospitals. It should be noted that marijuana has been in use for medicinal purposes for thousands of years (Medical marijuana benefits 2010). Both the Indians and the Chinese have through their literature demonstrated the use of marijuana as late as the 10th century. An interesting note is that in Tibet it is considered as
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