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Ever since the recreational use of weed was legalized in the states of Colorado and Washington I’ve wondered how it might affect athletes and sports in those areas. Would athletes be able to smoke as much as they want whenever they cross the states borders? Imagine a United States where the use of marijuana is legal in all 50 states. Athletes whether in college or playing professionally get a ton of publicity for everything they do and are idols to youth across the world. They’re essentially trendsetters. Would seeing Kobe Bryant smoke a joint on television change the general attitude towards marijuana and inspire basketball players across the world to follow? Many think weed would destroy the integrity of sports and would prevent the best …show more content…
So maybe playing high has no effect on an athlete’s performance, but what about after a big game? Marc Peruzzi wrote an article called “Athletes discover Pot for Pain” which posed the question “Marijuana works wonders on serious pain related to major illnesses. But could weed also be a better option than over-the-counter drugs for sports injuries and muscle soreness?” Marc Peruzzi was an avid Advil user. He used it to relive pain after injuring his back in a skiing accident. Taking drugs like Advil and those that are similar have shown to deteriorate our gastrointestinal system the reason being that it blocks natural chemicals that cause inflammation. However, those same chemicals also protect your stomach from burning its own acid. According to the institute of medicine’s report, pain is the act of several neurotransmitters relaying message to our brains such as “my legs are sore from mountain biking,” for example. Drugs like opiates and morphine essentially turn off those neurotransmitters to an extent where our perception of the pain is considerably less. THC has the same effects but works in a slightly different way. “when it binds to two types of “cannabinoid receptors” (CB1 and CB2)… , “reduces reactivity to acute painful stimuli in laboratory animals… [and] was comparable with opiates in potency and efficacy,” according to the Institute’s 1999 study. Other studies

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