Marijuana as Medical Treatment

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Imagine somebody that you love lying in bed at a hospital and having just undergone chemotherapy for their cancer treatment; Side effects of chemotherapy like constantly vomiting, fatigue and pain are difficult to tolerate every day. Doctor can prescribe medication, but any of it has absolutely no effect in relieving the intolerable pain of nausea and headache. Medical marijuana as a treatment and pain reliever is nothing new; people have used it for ages. Patients in countries where marijuana is legalized describe this plant as the first drug that has a treatment benefit over treatments and medicinal drugs. This plant may be the only possibility to reduce their physical pain, but if there is no legalization of medical marijuana in their country, what should they do? Dr. Sunil K. Aggarwal with his group of medical researchers and doctors argues that there are many confirmed medical advantage of marijuana, but science reporter, Colin Lowry, argues that marijuana has damaging mentally effects.
Firstly, Dr. Sunil K. Aggarwal's with his colleague dr. Nishi Whiteley arguments about the medical advantages have both supporting indication and proofs. Nevertheless, he agrees with Lowry, that not every cannabis ingredients are positive. He says that even though, the ingredients of…
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