Marijuana vs. Cigarettes: Why is one legal?

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Marijuana and Cigarettes are both things that all Americans have heard about. Man untrue ideas have been spread about both products. Marijuana is not legal and it may not be as harmful as cigarettes. Marijuana is less harmful to the brain, body, and environment than cigarettes.
When someone smokes a cigarette they say they feel a sensation all over their body. Users may experience different feelings. Many people say it creates a relaxing feeling all over the body, some say it helps to clear their head, and some say they like the taste of the cigarette.
Marijuana creates a different sensation in the body. Marijuana can be used in different ways including using a bong, a pipe, or rolling it into a hollowed out cigarette called a joint or
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Marijuana has linked to, lack of motivation, anxiety, reduced sexual capacity, confusion, mood changes, and schizophrenia-like brain changes, however all of these effects have not been proven. A study in 1999 concluded that heavy-users of marijuana over a 15 year period had not had any negative impacts on the users intelligence. (Armentano) These facts combined together show that both drugs have an effect on the brain but neither worse than they other.
Addiction is another factor with any drug. Cigarettes contain nicotine, which is highly addictive. 86.6% of people who smoke cigarettes daily get addicted to smoking. Marijuana does not have as high of an addiction rate this is because it does not contain nicotine and is made up of THC. Studies have shown that 9% of people who smoke marijuana on a daily basis will become addicted to it. These numbers are drastically different and show how different the drugs are.
One of the most similar things between marijuana and cigarettes are the reasons people use the drug. Cigarettes are used by people of all ages. Most smokers began smoking in their teens. Nine out of ten smokers started before they were eighteen. 99% of smokers started smoking before age 26 (Youth and Tobacco Use). Many young adults begin to smoke cigarettes to look cool, to be rebellious, or peer pressure. Adults smoke for many reasons as well including addiction, they say it relieves stress, to lose weight, and many others.
Marijuana is also most often

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