Marilyn Evans Essay

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Marilyn Evans had always known she was special. Her appearance didn’t say much, though. She had mousy-brown hair and blue eyes. Marilyn’s family was also nothing special. Her mother worked as a servant for the queen, and her father was dead. Her family barely scraped a living. Serena was the oldest at fifteen and had twinkling, green eyes. Then came thirtee-year-old Marilyn. Lastly, Thomas, was the youngest; he was ten. The three always argued, but in the end, they shut up when their mother gave each of them a slap. Marilyn thought she was just a person among millions in their country of Angelo. But when the day came for every thirteen-year-old to visit the palace, Marilyn felt more special than anyone else. “Marilyn? Do we have a Marilyn Evans here?”…show more content…
Every other thirteen-year-old stared at her enviously. Marilyn liked that feeling. The voice had come from a woman in posh clothes and a long neck. Marilyn sucked in a breath as she stared at the Royal. In their country of Angelo, there were three different types of people: Royals, who lived in the heart of Angelo and were related to the king or queen; Extras, people like Marilyn’s family, working as servants, artists, and at other jobs Royals thought they deserved; and finally, Specials, a very rare and small group who possessed special abilities or powers. “Yes?” Marilyn piped up, standing. “Ah, yes, come with me, dear,” the woman said, taking Marilyn’s elbow and leading her away. Marilyn wondered where she was going. After a couple of turns, they came to a room with bronze doors. The woman walked in and gestured to a chair. Marilyn sat down. She gasped. There sat the king himself and the beautiful queen. “Hello, Marilyn,” the queen said, her cherry lips curling into a smile. Rumours had flown that the queen herself was actually a Special, and she had the ability to change her looks. Marilyn disagreed. She thought she had just had a ton of plastic
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