Marilyn Informative Speech

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I didn’t know Marilyn for long, but I was with her long enough to know she was an amazing person. She was a nice girl for the short amount of time I got to know her. There aren’t many nice people these days, people always have somewhere to be or something to do. They don’t have time to talk, but not Marilyn. She will not be remembered by her death, but her life and joy she gave to others. In order to see her brother, Marilyn snuck and board my ship and was willing to risk paying a fee. Courageously, Marilyn sacrificed herself so I could get supplies to people in need. If not, those six people could have died. Marilyn accepted her fate at the end and knew it had to happen. She didn’t tell me much of her accomplishments, but she told me she had…show more content…
She wanted to explore the new worlds, like the one her brother was on. Marilyn told me about what a great brother Gerry was. She told me of how her brother got her a new cat after her other one got hit by a car. Lying to her to make her feel better and let her sleep soundly at night was a fantastic story she told me. She kept saying how she regrets not telling her mom and dad how much she loved them and she never got to thank them for what they did. I told her that her mom and dad already knew. I feel terrible about her death. I tried everything I could to keep her alive, but there wasn’t another ship for 40 some lightyears. I gave her paper so she could write her family about what she wanted them to know. To give her someone she really cared about to talk to before she died, I contacted Gerry. He told her he loved her and everything would be okay. If I could prevent her from going on the ship I would. I hope you forgive me for what I had to do to Marilyn, it is not something I’m proud of. The red lever used to open the airlock, it will haunt me for the rest of my life. I will not be able to forget what happened that day. These are all the wonderful things I know about her in the small time I knew
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