Marilyn Manson 's Music Video Based On A Song ' The Dope Show ' From The Album ' Mechanical

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“The Dope Show” is Marilyn Manson’s music video based on a song “The Dope Show” from the album “Mechanical Animals”. The video was directed by Paul Hunter. Marilyn Manson was the co-director. The video was filmed in the beginning of August 1998 and has its premiere on 20th August in the same year. In the music video can be seen the leader of the rock band, Marilyn Manson himself, who appears in the area of Hollywood Hills as an androgynous, red-haired person. In the further part of the video the singer is being kept in a mysterious laboratory and then transported to a place where he performs a music concert as a leader of his rock band. He performs in front of amazed fans who are being under control of the police.
The video starts with a flash of white light (key light), close-up on syringes and the main character in the video. The singer may be seen in a vast mountainous area. The light represents the dominant light source in the scene. (Jackson, 2010, p. 196) It seems to be a signifier of the importance of the person who is in the middle of action. A big number of quick zooms indicates both him and mentioned in the beginning of the paragraph objects. It leads to conclusion that they may be considered as keynotes in the music video (Jackson, 2010). The syringes filled with a liquid that may be considered as a kind of drug, which is present in the whole video. It leads to a conclusion, which may suggest that drugs are synecdoche that represents a wide range of harmful…
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