Marilyn Monroe: A Star of the Ages

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Marilyn Monroe: A Star for the Ages Introduction When one speaks of Marilyn Monroe, and especially of her early career, the old adage 'a star is born' rings very true. This fantastic and talented woman, who once again, so may decades after her death, graces the cover of Vanity Fair for this year's June issue, never ceases to captivate audiences with her charm. Many have tried to pinpoint what Ms. Monroe had that other actresses do not, in terms of creating this type of fascination, and have certainly agreed that she has been a sex symbol like no other. The June 2012 cover of Vanity Fair proves that after almost half a century Ms. Monroe still lives in audiences' hearts, and continues to fascinate. (Vanity Fair, 2012) The face of the actress is so recognizable it has been copied in sculpture, art, and even countless of similar magazine covers featuring models, singers and actresses throughout the past decades. Ms. Monroe is a sex symbol for not just America, but the entire world. The power of the former actress is felt so many decades after her death because it is as innocent as it is intoxicating, and this is seen by the naiveté of the actress in many of her films. Marilyn Monroe exudes sex through her confidence, her beauty, and her charming personality, and these attributes have kept her a legend and a person attractive both to males and females, as well as one studied for her uniqueness and her gentility. (Shirley & Griffith, 2006) This paper will discuss three

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