Marilyn Monroe: Impact on Popular Culture

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“Marilyn Monroe” (1926 - 1962) Popular Culture Legend

Before Hollywood loved her…
Probably the most celebrated of all actresses, Marilyn Monroe was born Norma Jean Baker on June 1, 1926, in Los Angeles General Hospital, to Gladys Baker. Gladys had been a film cutter at RKO studios, but psychological problems prevented her from keeping the job and she was eventually committed to a mental institution, because of that Norma Jean spent time in foster homes until she was 16 years of age. As an unlucky soul, Marilyn focused on her dreams of becoming a movie star. Being born and raised to a custom of fame and fortune in
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Her quality as a movie star was indicated by the box-office success of her films, by the groundbreaking contract she arranged with her studio, and by the amount of publicity she established in the press.

After Hollywood loved her…
In her last and magnificent years Monroe’s life was evident of sickness and personal problems.
She had abused a cocktail of prescription drugs that lasted over ten years which now had become a part of her life. She had attempted suicide numerous of times and had been committed in the past to a psychiatric wards. Still after that her essence that was Marilyn remained untarnished.

In a terrible turn of circumstances on the early morning of August 5, 1962, 36-year-old Marilyn died in her sleep at her Brentwood, California home with the phone attached to her hand. Rumors speculate of an overdose or intentionally killing herself. There was also speculation and gossip of having an affair with John F Kennedy and that she was about to go public with what she knew about JFK and Bobbi Kennedy. Also that she was murdered by 'government agents' to safeguard the president. Another conspiracy incident was that Marilyn was killed by the mafia as punishment to the Kennedy's for their attacks on them, and to expose Kennedy's many love affairs. Now with all the aspects of her death, Marilyn had plans to work on new movies and a possible

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