Marilyn Monroe and Karen Horney's Theory of Neuroticism Essay

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Marilyn Monroe is one of the most famous celebrities of the 21st century (Pettinger, 2013). She appeared in 29 films throughout her career, and seemed very successful and well adjusted to outsiders. After she was found dead after an apparent suicide, the public was exposed to her inner turmoil. Monroe spent her short life dealing with problems, many stemming from her unstable childhood (Wholper & Huston, 1964) Karen Horney, 1885-1952, was a psychoanalytic psychologist who developed a theory of neurosis, and studied the ways neurotic people deal with anxiety from interacting with others. Horney deduced that childhood was a time of anxiety, and that children deal with that anxiety by being compliant, aggressive or withdrawing. If a…show more content…
Don’t call me mother anymore...’ ”. Monroe’s real mother came for visits and took her on day-trips, but was far from a constant fixture in her life. When she was nine, her mother returned and took her in. Things were rocky, and after three months, her mother was placed in psychiatric care. Monroe was placed in an orphanage with 60 other children, which was quite distressing to her. In an interview, she recalls reading the sign and insisted she did not belong there as she still had her mother. Eventually family friend Grace McKey and her husband took Monroe in. She attended high school where she was an average student, nicknamed “Norma Jean Stingbean”. Eventually she filled out, much to the delight of the boys and the envy of girls. Monroe dropped out of school at the age of sixteen and married 21 year old James Dougherty. After he left to fight the WWII, Monroe was discovered while working in a defence plant, and was asked if she wanted to model for publicity photographs. She was quite successful and picked up by a modeling agency, but her husband didn’t like the idea of her acting and modeling. Monroe, however, saw that she could use her good looks and attractive figure to move forward in the world. They divorced, and Monroe set off for Hollywood. She was signed to Fox and after a slow start starred in many movies, always playing the role of

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