Marilyn Moroe Conspiracy Theory

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The way Marilyn Monroe died still brings up a plethora of questions that have no answers. Autopsy’s reveal she died from an acute barbiturate poisoning due to ingestion of overdose (Marilyn Monroe-Autopsyfiles). Conspiracy theories of the most desired woman of this era are suicide, accident and murder. So what caused Monroe to perish and meet her end? Was it a heightened mood swing after rejection, prescription mix-ups along with doctoral malpractice, and the government’s way of shutting her up as a way to avoid scandals about JFK or was it the Mafia avenging itself on the Kennedys? The most widely believed theory of Marilyn Monroe’s death is that she killed herself by overdosing on prescription pills. Eunice Murray, Marilyn’s housekeeper and oldest friend was there the night Monroe died. “Marilyn’s light was on and the telephone cable will still under the door, all signs that she was still awake” (Eunice Murray talks about the day Marilyn Monroe died). During August 5th, 1962, the day Marilyn passed away, Eunice noticed that Monroe was not being her usual happy self. Murray states Monroe had “a lot on her mind” that day and was more down than she’s ever been. Eunice has a theory in which she thinks Marilyn tried to commit another fake suicide but took too many pills and tried to reach the phone; but when she did, it was too late. Norma Jean Baker also known as Marilyn Monroe, had a history of previous suicide attempts. These stunts were for more fame and attention; and
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