Marilyn Torres Childhood

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A Whole New Country at the age of six
Janessa B. Belfort
Moving to a new country as a young kid is pretty nerve wracking. Adjusting to a new lifestyle isn’t easy either. Being away from family, friends, everything that you’re familiar with is the hardest challenge by far. Marilyn Torres moved to the United States from Puerto Rico in 1962. She was a fish out of water. She didn’t know the language. Her teachers didn’t understand her. She didn’t want to be in school. Every day was an obstacle she had to overcome.
There were many times when she felt discouraged and depressed. “I cried everyday, I didn’t want to go to school.” Life was very different in 1962, and moving to an entirely different country was nowhere near easy. Especially for a
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She went to Tyson-Schoener elementary school.
Marilyn Torres was Gary from Spongebob, quiet and afraid to come out of her protective shell. Her third grade teacher changed that. Marilyn remembers being close to her, she would stay after school and get help on her vocabulary and reading.
By the time she was married, her parents had moved back to Puerto Rico. Her mother wanted to be near her parents to be able to take care of them. Marilyn Torres was expecting her second child at the time. She felt sad knowing that her children would grow up without grandparents.
Marilyn Torres grew stronger each year despite facing many challenges. After moving from Puerto Rico she found a new home in the US. Her family grew and she was happy. Marilyn Torres is now a supporting and loving mother to her two children, and an amazing grandmother to her 4 grandchildren. She is an excellent example of someone who went through big changes and never once gave up. Even when she was sick of going to school where her teachers didn’t understand her, she still pushed through. Marilyn Torres truly is a magnificent woman. The world needs more people with the strength and courage that Marilyn Torres
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