Marilyn and Len Exchanges, Essay

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Using the Marilyn and Len exchanges, analyze the following:
• What are the objectives of both parties in the exchanges?
The objectives of both parties in these particular exchanges are to obtain the best accounts available to their teams to maximize profit for the company and commissions for their staff. As well as, to get their points across but they are both looking out for the best interest of their groups. On one side, Marilyn would like to share accounts rather than being left with bad accounts with no potential, while Len would like to work on accounts that will generate a high commission.
• How would you describe the general "tone" of the exchanges?
The tone of the exchanges seems to be a bit modest and slightly hostile. In the
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The projected outcome for the first exchange is that Len and Marilyn stay at a deadlock with no real development being made. However, if I had to pick a winner, I think that the outcome of the first exchange would have been 80 percent in Len’s favor, he was using almost any tactic he could in order to get his way, which was not allowing Marilyn to argue her part of the negotiation. It was more or less a no win situation for her.
• Were Marilyn's objectives on the way to being effectuated in the second exchange?
Yes, Marilyn was able to stand her ground and argue her points in the second exchange. She diverted Len’s responses and enforced her objectives rationally. For example, she seem far more comfortable in probing comments about her team being unskilled by reminding Len that they are former members of his team and trained by him. She also corrected Len when he tried to say that the boss was aware his decision, when in reality he had already approved Marilyn’s position.
• Were Len's objectives on the way to being effectuated in the second exchange?
No, in the 2nd exchange Len was still hostile and evasive about his obligation to turn over the viable accounts he promised. He was being heard by Marilyn, but his points were being challenge.
• What do you project the outcome of the second exchange to be?
I think Len will be forced to turn over the accounts he promised and the negotiation probably want end in his favor. Marilyn is
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