Marina And Ulays: Marina And Uwe Laysiepen

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Marina and Uwe Laysiepen (Ulay) were the most influential artistic couple of all time. Exploring ideas such as gender identity, individualism, and physical endurance. Many of their performances pushed the boundaries of performance art, bringing in a new and exciting way of art, which isn’t exactly common.

Marina and Ulay’s relationship was based on love for each other as well as love for art and the concept of it
The art they made together was powerful and passionate. They started out in 1976 after they met at an exhibition; they combined their mutual philosophies into their artwork mainly and most importantly focusing on individualism and the combination of it with the boundaries of the body. They created a third identity, which consisted on merging both Marina and Ulay, in

which they dressed and looked the same creating some performances
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The relationship Marina and Ulay had ended in a very artistic way as well, with “The lovers: Great wall walk”. Where they each started at opposite ends of the Great Wall of China and walked towards each other until they met in the middle to say good-bye and go on their separate ways.
The aftermath of the breakup wasn’t a good one for Marina nor Ulay, she gave up doing artwork for a while and later when she started performing again it was in a deeper way than before, she started with higher awareness and meditation type of performances such as “The artist is present”, “Luminosity” and others, whereas Ulay changed his scene completely and went back to doing photography as he did before Marina.
When putting the relationship of these two artist in perspective it is clear that it was beneficial for both of them in the artistic view of things, but it proves that the amount of pressure put on them by the public performances they both endured was too much to last
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