Marina Bay Sands Case Analysis

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Introduction Marina Bay Sands is located at Singapore 's Marina Bay for an integrated resort that developed by Las Vegas Sands Corp and this construction project is one of the world’s most challenging. In addition, Marina Bay Sands is the most expensive stand-alone compositive construction property ever built. Marina Bay Sands is occupied 15.5 hectares of land, since it opening from27 April, 2010, and its iconic design has completely changed the Singapore’s skyline and tourism landscape. The property of Marina Bay Sands has included a hotel, casino, conference center, exhibition facilities, theaters; entertainment, retail, and diversified restaurants. Therefore, Marina Bay Sands is a mighty functional architecture; it provides multiple…show more content…
An important standard to exam “success” of a city is whether it has well-organized urban planning or not.(Erica X.Y.YAP,2013). Thus it is undoubtedly to formulate the development of Marina Bay, the core of Singapore, with the quintessential of the method of Singapore urban planning. As one of the Marina Bay’s developmental milestones, Marina Bay Sands witnessed the process of reclaiming of Marina Bay for exploring a new lifestyle and achieving the exception of Garden City. Marina Bay Sands has been constructed after the highly bidding for approximately 4 years due to the complicated design of the building, from 2005 to 2010. It costs $5.7 billion totally. The highest level above ground is 195 meters. The ground floor area is 929000 square meters.(D.Parker and A. Wood,2013)It is the multi-functional hotel complex with the different facilities including three main hotel towers with around 2600 rooms, casino, shopping area, Sands Expo and convention Center, theaters, Art Science Museum, Mice Hub and Sands Skypark. -The location of Marina Bay Sands From the project site plan picture, it shows the location of Marina Bay Sands, its surroundings and the layout. Obviously the whole site is the organizational layout along the main axis as it extends to the surrounding city. The entire project was crossed by the North to South direction Pedestrian Street and grand arcade
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