Marina Diamandis: A Career As A Role Model

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I looked for inspiration in many people. They are in my school, they are my friends, my family, and my favorite artists. I do not look to one person for a model of how I should be because I admire little things I notice in each person. For example, my dad, it would have to be his determination and his openness. One person that has had a huge significance in my life is Marina Diamandis. She is a big role model of mine. If you do not know her, she is the singer from Marina and the diamonds. I would describe her music as indie pop, and her songs are so meaningful to me. Her album “Froot,” is my favorite album. She has many songs that are meaningful to me. Happy, Froot, Gold, Savages, and so on. In Happy, there is a lyric that I can relate to, it goes “I found what I’ve been looking for in myself.” Why mention that, Karen?…show more content…
I looked around. It was there at some points and it slowly faded away at others. Then it came to me. On a bus on the way to school. What I want from myself is a person who can help others gain closure. I want to be a forensic scientist. I can be that person by providing evidence to help others understand how something took place. It was something that came along, I was jovial, but what next. Then, in the song Froot, there was a lyric that went, “I’ve seen seasons come and go.” I interpreted that to be the lyric that refers to myself. I have lived for a while now, how do I know that this is what I want. “Seasons come and go,” is the part of the song that refers to the many changes that have happened in her life and to me in my life. I have wanted to be a variety of things from a psychologist to a chemist to even a detective. But something makes me excited when I think of completing a degree that will help me help people. It comes from me understanding that I want to do something that makes me feel happy and is very hands on and interactive. I want to be with others who will challenge my ideas/beliefs but in a
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