Marina Jamison Communication

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Is it true how a child sees themselves is based off how parents communicate with them? Is it true how a child form ideas and beliefs about themselves are based on how parents communicate with them? In the novel: So Much to Tell You Marina Jamison is a teenager girl who has countless of family problems she cannot not even keep up with. The role and importance of communication between parents and children is extremely important for many reasons. Communication allows the parents and children to express their needs and concerns, it creates a strong bond and it is also important for a child’s emotional and social development.
Being able to communicate effectively is the most important of all life skills especially when it comes to having a healthy
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Building a strong relationship with your child is crucial, having your child open up will also create a healthier relationship. It allows young people become more confident. Towards the end of the novel, Marina realised she did not exactly hate her father even though he permanently scarred her face. The relationship between the two got a bit stronger towards the end, when they decided to send letters to each other.
Humans are social beings who can feel lonely from time to time, we can feel disconnected from the world. Marina was sent to Warrington, a girls’ boarding school because her mother could not deal with her anymore. Mr Lindell, Marina’s English teacher was very understanding of her situation and wanted her to feel comfortable at her new school. He relates everything he teaches in his lesson to real life situations, he creates an inviting and friendly environment which helps Marina a lot. Marina feels that there is someone there for her as Mr Lindell and his family are supportive of her.
In conclusion, communication between parents and children is the key to creating trust and a strong relationship. A strong relationship helps young people face their problems and also because people know that there is always someone there for them even during the tough
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