Marine Aviation Research Paper

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The habitually undercelebrated aviation arm of the Marine Air-Ground team edges towards collapse while top leaders panic with confusion, unable to recognize the problem. Whatsmore, while the already dire readiness issues continue to plague multiple aircraft and undoubtedly played pivotal if not central roles in recent and abundant non-combat deaths of Marine aviators, an impending manpower crisis looms. The manning piece of the challenge, not the readiness issue, has the potential and likelihood to irrevocably mutilate Marine aviation.
The Marine Corps’ highest-ranking aviator, Lieutenant General Jon Davis, continues a pattern of baffling behavior atypical of a leader capable of articulating the impending crisis with which he is faced. Content
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Driven aviators will push their aircraft and abilities to their limits or even breaking points. As pilots learn to employ their aircraft, they are sometimes taught to intentionally depart the aircraft from controlled flight. By exceeding the flight envelope (with an experienced instructor, of course), a junior pilot can be shown precisely where the edges of the limit exist. This espouses confidence in one’s ability to recover in the event the envelope is exceeded, and to operate right up against those limits, where a fighter necessarily maneuvers on occasion. In order to recognize and recover from such situations, a pilot requires not just familiarity but also proficiency. Unfortunately, competency in these high-performance aircraft and regimes atrophies remarkably fast. A young pilot cannot afford to go a week, a month without flying. And yet, they’re routinely asked to perform at high levels tactically while not afforded the requisite hours to even reach the “tactical hard deck,” much less exceed that standard and practice tactics. Gen Davis does not seem to understand nor appreciate this
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