Marine Battalion Shoulders The Burden Analysis

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Marine Battalion Shoulders the Burden: How Collective Society Failed
Suicide is usually perceived as an individualistic act, enacted by an individual who has experienced immense trauma to their psyche. A recent report on the suicide rate within a specific Marine battalion challenges this notion. The veterans in this battalion are an outlier in regards to veteran suicide; however psychology is at work in attempting to explain the reasoning behind these suicides. The devastation the Marines face from the deaths of comrades, as well as the trauma they face in their day to day lives after their tour of Afghanistan, are forces that work against them. The assumption that the suicides is a result of psychological trauma is valid, however the impact …show more content…

Yet, the increasing suicide rate continued, and even veterans with stable homes and psychological help committed suicide. This discourse between the veterans and society, was what Durkheim emphasized in his studies about suicide. Human beings are by nature more likely to be dissatisfied with what they possess. Because of this dissatisfaction, the individuals are left to their own devices. Initially, there were no external forces to regulate these individuals and their constant need for more. This only proved to be a source of torment for humans because their need is incapable of satisfaction. As time passed, this necessity for control overpowered the consistent want, and collective society as a whole started to assume responsibility. As humans submit to this pressure they soon become aware of the hierarchy of society, and soon enough becomes complacent with their social position. Their spirit may be tested, but the complacency as well as continuous public opinion, serves as a barrier to assure that they never reach too far. (appelrouth and Edles 2016). Veterans are different in this assertion, because the assumption of transitioning with ease is alive in modern collective society, causing a growing gap between complacency and order when they return back home. They are not pleased with their social …show more content…

Bojorquez as well as other men from the battalion reached out for help from veteran’s hospitals near them, but to their avail they did not receive the help they needed. The lack of understanding and effort was apparent in the type of help these veteran’s hospitals provided. Bojorquez in particular recalled his therapist telling him that he had to treat the pain he felt like a bad breakup; a statement that infuriated Bojorquez. The veteran’s hospitals, as well as the VA, try to provide aid to these veterans who are suffering the traumas of war, but fail tremendously. They aren’t equipped with the tools necessary to morally regulate the thoughts and behaviors of these individuals. Anomy, the lack of moral integration, Durkheim asserts is regular and specific to modern societies. Because modern society is not as strong in the department of moral integration, people who feel they have nothing to lose often commit suicide. Social institutions like the VA often fail veterans in this aspect, causing infuriation with the VA which results in surrender. While the VA claims that they try their best to ensure the mental health and safety of these veterans, the suicide rate of this battalion suggests that they ultimately failed. Additionally, the veterans in this battalion have experiences with egoism,

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