Marine Biology And Wild Life Conservation

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All my life I have pursued my fascination for animals and the ocean anywhere from volunteering to going to the University of Rhode Island to getting certified in diving to teaching. With my experiences and passion for the field of marine biology and wild life conservation I know I can make a considerable difference in any research project.
My first substantial step toward making a career out of my interests for the oceans and all its aquatic life was my volunteer work at the Mystic Aquarium and Institute for Exploration. When I was a sophomore in high school I was accepted into the docent program at the Aquarium. There I was responsible for the safety of the public and animals while providing an educational and inspiring environment for interactions between guests and animals. As a docent I gave presentations about almost every animal located at the aquarium and a few regarding the Titanic and its discovery by NOAA’s own Dr. Ballard. The most important skill I took away was the ability to communicate and connect with a wide range of guests and staff; from young to old from Americans to foreigners. The diversity didn’t matter because we were trained to use our shared passion for our environment and its inhabitants to engage any and all guests in ways specifically geared towards each guest. For example, little kids loved getting to know the animal’s names, so to get their attention you play a game to see if they can guess the name. It gives the parents a break from…
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